Your Car in Your Smart Phone

Huawei Lunched Power Full SUV AITO M5 2022 Electric Car

The world class technology monster Huawei has launched a most elegant electronic vehicle AITO M5 2022.

The vehicle is available on all the flagship stores across China. This advance vehicle has the 1+8+N ecosystem which is the Huawei’s own audio-visual environment of mobile, watch, headsets and PCs.

This vehicle has the complete connections and special security and access features which can be operated with your smart phone and smart watches also.

This high-performance monster vehicle designed offers 180 km in purely electronic mode ideal for the intercity and rushed situations.

This heavy vehicle has the most advance DriveONE technology Three-in-One Electronic Drive. The vehicle has the most tactical feature of engine oil cooling system the magnetic synchronized motor has that can be boost with fuel and electricity which generates 365 kw of power that can fly the vehicle all the ways and gives the smooth acceleration 0-100 km in just 4.4s and 0-50km in just 1.9s. It has the noise separation technology which can reduced the engine and motor noise the vehicle also has the noise reduction glasses with double layers that reduces the noise from the outside of the vehicle.

The 3.0 cylinders engine performs the smooth and clear driving power to move this monster of the road. This is the most ideal vehicle for long lasting routs of the roads with 40kwh battery and fuel also it has 56 litters of tank for the fuel. if the battery runs out then fuel will can also be used to run this most ideal road giant. Driving range of this vehicle is over 1100 km and even more.

It is the most ideal for business class, family and long routes vehicle to have with its own class.