Blood Pressure is the most common health disorder in most of the peoples across the world and it is the most hidden issue that remains in us without any indications and symptoms in most of the times to keep an eye on this and to monitor the variations we must have to keep a precise tool with us and with those who are suffering this hurdle.

To tackle this health disorder, we classify three best Blood Pressure Monitors which are:

BP Measure X (FDA Approved)

A 219gms device which has the display that can be easily watchable from far away and it has the dimensions (132mm x 100mm x 45mm) that makes it carriable in you hand bag briefcase and any other luggage. This device is very much easy to operate and even any one who do not know medical awareness can use this blood pressure monitor easily, this device has its own memory and you can record last reading also runs on easily replaceable batteries and auto off function.

Handling the usages

The device is quite easy to operate you just have to cuff at the upper arm firmly and press the start button this is the task that you only have to perform device will self-pressure up the air at its required level and then you just give it time to release the air on its own and will give you accurate results on the LCD Screen.

Withings BP Monitor
  • Withings

Another most smart and ideal features and wiser and more portable. It one of the latest Blood Pressure monitor with a unique Bluetooth feature that enables to connects the device to your smart phone with the help of the app and you can easily access the data and history of your blood pressure not only that you can share the data with your doctor by the app you just have to connect the phone with Wi-Fi and let access to your doctor.  The device can run for the 6 months at one charge depending upon usage.

  • Omron Gold Wrist

The Omron Gold Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is another handy device that can easily carriable and easy to use the device can easily fits on your wrist and all you have to do is just press the start button and in the mean time it will show your accurate blood pressure level not only that device also monitors your irregular heartbeat if it is happens and the Bluetooth function lets you lets you connects the device with smart phone. The device runs on easily replaceable 3 AAA size batteries.