TECNO TH300 Safe Your Home

Safe Your Home Today

Home is the most highlighted element in our daily busy life specially when you have the cutest members in you living space yes, your kids.

 It is more important for you to keep a keen eye in your home when you have some toddler or crawling babies with you, they can make any unsafe move or activity that could be result in a regretted situation.

Tecno TH300 is the most smart and ideal device to protect your living space and kids with 2K HD resolution you can safely make a strong check on your home activities.

It is the world’s first camera that gives you the Maximum Vertical Viewing angle in home security devices.

The Camera is perfectly design to protect a room in your home or any other place that you want to be make secure.

The TH300 indoor security camera easily connects with WiFi and gives you 2K HD video quality you can communicate with two-way audio which is built-in siren, view events in real time and when ever you want to view.

The motion sensor triggered the camera and it will trace the moments of the motion activity 24/7.

TH300 gives you 220° vertical angle when you install the camera vertically and also it makes 360° angle if install horizontally.

The Starlight Night vision can make the image clearer in low light conditions and one click privacy mode can make the camera mask down and shuts the video and takes the device on the sleep mode.

Some of the most ideal features of this amazing home security device are;

  • The AI Cry recognition baby care notification.
  • AI can track any movement smartly of any pet or any other object.
  • AI can detect any accident like if an old person falls etc.
  • The AI function can detect any intruder inactivity and sirens the alarm.

The device can record the 2K HD Quality video on the cloud and other storage media like SD card (128GB Supported) according to your requirements it support both of the most famous OS Android and IOS.

This smart device has all the latest video security features so that you can safe stream online on any of your device.

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