Robotics Process Automation and Types

Humans always remains in the search of his comforts and conveniences. We always think that if we can spare some time by submitting our tasks to an organized and dedicated element or the process then we are successful in creating a comfort zone for us.

Robots are the most ideal solution in the query and it is also the proven filed as we all see by only pressing a single button, we can turn on our air conditioner or the microwave these are the simplest level of robots that follows our instructions in a pre-programmed way.

Robots have main three simple kinds:

There are so many kinds of robots in the field if we see an overview but generally there are four main types in robotics if we categorize robots in general ways.

Humanoid Behavior

These robots behave like humans and they also respond to the human actions and interactions they also physically move and work like jumping and carry some objects to another place.

Self-Instructive (Autonomous) Robots

These robots work on their self-decisions they work and analyze the situation around them by the sensors and then perform the best decision according to the conditions like lawn trimming robots’ cutouts the grass as they sense the recommended length is increased.

Preprogrammed Robotic Arms

Pre-programmed robots are the most commonly known robots they work on their fixed path and perform the tasks according the given recommendations of the nature of works like automobile assembly in making cars.

Voice and sound operated

These robots follow the voice instructions and sound they sense around them like Amazon Alexa they perform the tasks on the by voice instructions we give them and also give us the answers of our desired query.

Robotic Augmentations

Augmentations means we design robots according to the desired need of a human body it could be a human hand or a leg we put in the sensors that transmits the instructions by the human mussels and then the robot performs the task according to the instructions.

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