Modern Surveillance Systems and Devices

Person Place or Object this is the most common phenomena for all the Man kinds have always been concerned to, humans always believes that if something they hide or lock it by any means is secure. But now the time has made this common thought obsolete now we keep an eye on what we more concerned on and what we really want to safe or secure. Surveillance has the most historic resultative element solution of this query many of us always been remains into the effects of these elements of surveillance system and also cross some of the security checks from time to time.

As I have mentioned that the major concerns of the matters are person place or an object to make them secure in their own terms or requirements, we have designed the most revolutionary arsenals to meet this task when we go for a person or VIP person security, we always come to watchman kind of thing a person who always monitors the surroundings of the person whom he wants to secure, and when we picks up the other two, Place and Object it is the very same case we go to grab a watchmen to make those all surely safe and secure.

Modern technologies are rushed into it and staged the most remarkable solutions for these needs. We daily see around us lots of surveillance camera are captures our all the movements and record them for the future usage, this is the most dramatic revolution in the modern surveillance technologies.

There are endless surveillance systems in the universe that I can never cover in this tiny writing pad but one of the most authentic and applied element of this solution is advance IP based Camera’s system.

In terms of category or technology classification there are two main types of Security and Surveillance cameras analog and the digital.

If we compare them on scale of features and communicative aspects, analog cameras are the low-resolution cameras and records the video in analog video formats connected the device DVR (Digital Video Recorder) while if we look on the IP based cameras, they are the most advance form of surveillance and security cameras. IP based cameras are connected to a device NVR (Network Video Recorder) it keeps all the data of video recordings in digital formats on high resolution of the Video.

If I brief the video’s resolution in the most common term call HD (High Definition) that would be more understanding for you, let’s talk more categorically about Video formats and recording devices.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

DVRs are the obsolete surveillance video recording device used for recordings most commonly a DVR can connect 16 numbers of cameras through Coaxial cable yes, the cable that we most commonly used for connecting our home TV cable. DVR can record video data up to around 3 months or according to supported storage media we can increase it by the attachment of more supportable storage device e.g., Hard Disk Drive, there are many electronic firms manufactures DVR like Samsung, Dahua and Panasonic.

NVR (Network Video Recorder)

NVR Network Video Recorder is the latest and most advance electronic device for the surveillance video recordings, this technology has made a land mark in video recordings by its higher quality of video resolution and remarkable communication features.

NVR basically is a network device it directly connects the networks of IP Based cameras.

NVR can be able to connect 64 IP based cameras or in some more advanced NVR can connects 128 IP based cameras before we go further let me brief you about the IP Based camera.

IP Based Camera That Can Record Sounds

IP Camera:

An IP camera is an advance IP device. It has an IP address just like all the IP-based devices, e.g., your personal computer, laptop and mobile phone have a unique IP address to make internet access just like an IP camera also has its unique IP address to connect it to the recording device or to receive its video over a display device.

If we go deeper into the IP-based cameras. There are many kinds of them, according to our requirements and nature of situation we have that much AI (Artificial Intelligence) cameras that can read the number plate of your vehicle and verify that from the Vehicle registration data base and one of the more well-known features is face detection technology advance IP-based cameras can detect and recognize faces and can mine out the desired person’s faces from the recording data base.

Let’s jump back to the NVR, NVR connects IP-based cameras through a network switch. Let’s suppose we need to connect 16 IP-based cameras to a NVR. First, we will configure all the IP-based cameras and allot Them a unique IP address, e.g.,, then we connect all the cameras with the network switch, and by connecting the switch to the NVR we can receive their output video recordings on NVR in Full HD (1920 x 1080 Pixels) Format of the video like H264 it is the Blue Ray Video format and can make you feel as if you are watching a High-Definition Movie!!

As we have discussed, NVR is a network device, so if we allot the NVR a public IP address and configure it, then we can watch over all the IP-based Cameras in any place of the world where we have the internet access not only that we can also access recordings and event logs of every camera connected to NVR and also can create our desired backup recording clip from the stored recordings. Over most of the manufactures have developed their android and IOS applications. You can also access all the cameras connected to the NVR on your smart phone and keep an eye on any time you want.


While NVR is an advance network device, it also has the most advanced storage mechanism. NVR has the fool-proof and loss-redundancy backup system called Raid. They are basically multiple drives backup system if I say in a simple way that it’s the same amount of data that been stored on many drives at the same time for the purpose of that, if we lose one of the drives, then we have the same data on another storage drive. The combination of multiple storage drives is called Raid Storage system. It could be 12 HDD of 10 TB (Tera bytes) which stores the data or more.

General over view of IP-Based camera network

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