How to Protect Your Smart Phone

Your Smart Phone is the thing that you use most every day. Where ever you go your phone will be with you even in your shower.

Here we have some guidance for you to keep protect your phone.

First thing is the google play store which is the most common platform to download many applications we all think that the google play store is safe to download every application which not true there are many applications that contains bugs and harmful files that can affect your phone performance.

To look this thing deeply while installing any application from the store you must see its code if it open source it can doubtful and you must see the reviews of the application.

You must have to update all your applications time to time because it is very important for the security reasons when applications get updates their security features also gets update with that. More over the OS updates are also important because all updates are with security patches which makes your phone more secure and safe.

One of the most important security functions is that two factor authentication systems you must have to activate two factor authentication to login all your accounts in that case any of the hacker can never hack your account e.g., email or application login etc.

We all always receives photos and unknown links from unidentified sources and from different Whats App groups do not open them and do not download useless photos from unknown sources.

Most of the applications asks to access your location you have to be careful with that always put turn your location option on only while using application also do avoid public Wi-Fi these are free but they can hack your information so easily and can access your confidential data.

Last but the biggest one is that make backups of all the data online and keep your photos and video backup on a clouds or backup drives in case if you lost or broke down your phone you can easily recover and restore them.