Google Assistant Will Make Calls for You!

Just Imagine that you asked some one to book an appointment for you for the monthly doctor examination or you want to reserve an air ticket of your desired date and destination.

Google Assistant can do this all and even more!

The google AI Assistant is now enable to make a call for you for your desired task according to your instructions. You just have to give instructions to the Google Assistant about your task or the desired action regarding your needs and the assistant will make the call to the precisely targeted destination and will perform according to your given information.

Like your auto service shop remains busy on call and you have to redial it again and again the Google Assistant can make it more sufficiently for you and will make an appointment or your desired time and date.

I the very same manner the Google Assistant can guide you in your daily life and remind you about a task to perform or also can make a schedule call behalf of you to make your busy schedules easy.