Best Bluetooth Speaker for Traveling and Home


Sony SRS-XB13

Sony will always have a unique place in electronics and in gadgets its more like king the trendy Bluetooth speakers are the most essential handy item for traveling or to take it to the any personalized place of home or office.

Sony SRS-XB13 is an ideal Bluetooth speaker it has the most adjustable size of the just like a cold drink container that fix easily in your bag and on a study table.

It is a weather and dust proof device perfect for the beach and for any other weather conditions IP67 certification make it marked. Under in an economical price it will make you crazy to buy this sound box.


Bose Sound link Micro

Bose Bluetooth speakers are the most seen and famous in portable speakers Bose Soundlink Micro is one of the great sounds pack a little higher in price but its long last battery and water proof features it classier and range of its colors are more attractive specially in females that suites with their desk and jackets.

Sonos Roam

Sonos one of the pioneers in portable Bluetooth speakers of this century. Sonos Roam come with multi connectivity of Bluetooth and Wi-fi can also compatible other supported Sonos Systems if you go for more sound volume in a small thing then it is the best choice of the time.