Your Tech Watch Dog

A super home assistant who can help, monitor and watch guards your desired places of the house and office remotely.

Another amazon’s amazing product. Astro is the uniquely designed to watch all the activities of your home it you have left your stove on or if there is any home appliance left on it has special feature that can easily record video and also can send you live notification on your phone to watch live video of your home or office.

If you have Astro, you do not have to install security cameras in all of your rooms and all over the office Astro will be your reporter as you want it will move all-around of your desired places and will give you the video of the room or office it has and variable height adjustable camera that can move 360 to view and record all the videos of your desired places of your home and office.

It also has an advance security feature you can connect it to the Ring security network it will pro-actively petrol all over in your home and office and will send you the live feeds of any uneven events you can save all the videos to your Ring accounts easily.

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