6 iOS Settings Keep Your iPhone Healthy

1. Turn On Full Screen Incoming Call Mode On

If your iPhone is locked and you receive a call, a banner-style notification can seem at the highest of your screen, with a photograph and name of the person the caller, and also the choices to choose up or deny the decision. however, this banner wasn’t perpetually there.

Before iOS fourteen, the incoming decision screen would take over your entire show once your iPhone locked or in use. it absolutely was troubled, sure; however, it additionally got the work done. 

When the banner appeared, it absolutely was a welcome modification for several, as a result of its additional discreet and permits you to still use your phone whereas receiving a decision. However, if for any reason you are not an enormous fan of the banner and need to revert to the additional attention-grabbing full-screen alert, go to Settings > Phone > Incoming Calls and tap Full Screen.

2. Stop Application That Extracting Your Location

Mos of the apps uses your Exact Location. You can easily turn them off from the location settings.

You can turn your location on when ever you want to use them and when you do not want to use them, they gather the information about your location and keep your iOS busy which harms the important files of iOS.

3. Turn Off 5G Service

Keep your 5G services off when you are not in the coverage area or when you are not using the service that will keep your iOS healthy and boost your iPhone performance specially in iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 keep 5G service off.

Not only this will enhance your iOS performance but also it will make your battery healthy and increase your Battery life.

Go to Settings app, then go to Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data and tap LTE.

4. Put the Safari Address Bar on the Top

Put the address bar of safari back in the bottom in iOS 15 the Bar is back on top to make it more viewable and easy access.

It is nice and easily accessible the address bar in the bottom because the keyboard is closer to the bar but for more iOS friendly it recommended to place it on the top of the safari.

5. HDR Off or On in Videos

In videos Sharing HDR performs the best quality videos so if you want to share videos then try to keep HDR off because some developers need to update their apps in order to accept the HDR videos also not every app or service will work with HDR videos.

Go to Settings > Camera > Record video and turning the switch next to HDR Video

6. Siris New Voices

Siri now have new voices now you can setup different voices in Apple Siri app.

When you will change the Siri voice the phone will change the Siri Voice on all the apps across the phone applications.

You can change it in the basic Siri settings.

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