April 16, 2021

Xiaomi Wins 3C Certification and Going to Launch the New 5G Phone Along with the 120W Charger

Fast charging technology is becoming a critical area of focus for all smartphone companies, given that not much has progressed in terms of improving battery life. We still rely on Lithium-ion batteries and there’s only so much of it that can be shaped into smartphones that seek to get thinner and thinner. Hence, the solution has been to be able to recharge the batteries as fast as possible. Early last year Xiaomi detailed a 100W Super Charge Turbocharger and talked more about it this February. Now the company seems to be preparing an even faster charger, with this context, Xiaomi is all set to lunch its 120-watt fast charging technology. 


Knowing About the Xiaomi Model 

Xiaomi is reportedly working on a new flagship, a Xiaomi phone with model number M2007J1SC had acquired MIIT network certification in China, information shared by a known tipster who goes by the name ‘Digital Chat Station’ on ‘Weibo’. It expected to be one of the three phones- Mi CC10, Mi MIX 4, or Mi 10 Pro+, names of which have not been made official. The listing for the model number M2007J1SC shows a 5G support and does not share any more details. The 3C appearance reveals that the phone could be made available with a 120W fast charger. This phone may launch in China in August this year.

According to the post on ‘Weibo’ by a tipster, a Xiaomi phone with model number M2007J1SC was spotted on an MIIT listing showing support for 5G and LTE. The screen capture of the M2007J1SC 5G-ready, phone’s 3C listing that it could be shipped with a charger that has a model number of MDY-12-ED. This charger was also approved by the 3C authority at the beginning of this month. The charger, MDY-12-ED, has a maximum output of 120W, achieved at 20V (the maximum defined by USB Power Delivery). The difference with the previous charger is that now the current goes up to 6A. Other charging speeds are supported as well, starting from a modest 15W and going up to 120W. It has entered the mass production phase.

Other Technical Specifications 

The tipster had also shared in the past that the Apollo (M2007J1SC) model will be released around August. The phone will also come with a high screen refresh rate. The Mi 10 came with a 90Hz refresh rate so we expect this model to come with up to 120Hz refresh rate, In addition, the model may also feature the Snapdragon 865+ chipset which was announced by Qualcomm recently. While there is no official confirmation of the impending launch of this model, as the models that would be launched this year, it appears that the M2007J1SC may debut as the world’s first 5G smartphone to arrive with a 120W fast charger.

Smartphone brand Oppo has teased the launch of 125-watt fast charging technology, which claims to charge the smartphone from 0% to 50% in just 5 minutes and can completely charge the device in 15 minutes. This could be the world’s fastest charging technology to be offered by the Chinese smartphone company.