May 8, 2021

IG New Updates: Instagram rolls out with a new feature of QR Codes

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media application that is being used by people for different purposes. Some of the people use it as a source of interaction with their friends, some for the source of public interaction and attraction, some for entertainment, and many more. If you are also an Instagram application lover, then we are here with exciting news for you. Instagram has recently, rolled out with a new feature and this feature is of QR codes.

The QR codes rolling out in the Instagram application will help the users indirectly finding their friend’s profile just by scanning. These QR codes available on Instagram can easily be scanned with the help of a camera, scanner on Instagram, or scanner of any other applications as well. Furthermore, this feature is going to benefit the business owners were much as they can print their QR codes. After that, they can easily ask their customers to follow them and take help from there in the future. However, the Instagram name tag feature was also very similar to this QR code feature. But name tag was the feature that only allowed internal codes only for scanning. QR codes are both for external links as well as internal links scan. Therefore, is going to be the best-rated feature for business owners.

How to create your own QR codes on the Instagram application? If you want to generate your own QR code on the Instagram application, then have a look down below. We have provided some basic information about how the QR code can be generated on Instagram.

To create a QR code, you will have to go to the menu option on the Instagram profile. After that you will see a QR code option over there, open that and you will find the QR code. But if you see a name tag option over there then it means QR code updates have not reached your profile yet. So, you will have to wait for that feature to come to you.

Probing further, after opening the QR code option users can easily customize it according to their needs and choices. Users can easily customize the background, how they used to do in the Name tag feature. The Instagram users can also add background colors and emojis behind that QR code. Moreover, clicked selfies can also be used as backgrounds for QR codes. Therefore, once the customization is done people can save it or take a screenshot and send it to their potential followers, friends, or relatives.

Lastly, we would like to tell the audience that as per the reports, this feature was first launched in Japan in the year 2019. After that, it is made ready to launch all around. Therefore, this is the best feature that can help people or users to check other profiles without searching. They just have to scan the QR code of one’s profile and after that, they can easily enjoy browsing their profile.