April 16, 2021

Famous Choreographer Saroj Khan Passed Away With Cardiac Arrest

Listening to the news of Saroj Khan was very much shocking as she was one of the best choreographers of Bollywood. Moreover, you will be delighted to know that she started her dance journey at the age of 13 and B Sohanlal her husband was the one to help her with her talent. Later on, she was married to B Sohanlal only, 41 years already married man but this was their decision so we are no one to say about all this. But recently, on 3rd July 2020, she passed away at the age of 71 due to cardiac arrest. Ergo, this is very shocking news for all of the Indian people because this year has already become very much devastating.

Sources said that, on June 20th, 2020 Saroj Khan was admitted to the hospital as she was facing some breathing issues. She was there in the ICU but later on, she died due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Probing further, this year can be considered to be one of the worst year or cursed year as the whole world is already suffering from the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus, then cyclone formation in Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, then Locust Attack, India-China increasing tensions, celebs death and many more. Isn’t it correct? Do you agree with us that this is year is worst or cursed? Now, we would like to tell you that 2020 is the year in which we have lost more than 4 celebs. Let’s discuss all of them in details:

Firstly in the month of April, on 29th April 2020, one of the famous Indian actor Irrfan Khan passed away due to some complications. As we know that he was a cancer patient a few years back but got his treatment done. But suddenly after many years, he started facing some complications and 29th April was the day when he took his last breath. After the shocking news of the death of Irrfan Khan, we got news about the death of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor was one of the most famous comedy actors in the Bollywood, one day after Irrfan’s death that is 30th April 2020 Rishi Kapoor took his last breath.  It has been known that he was not fine and was not well from so many days. However, everyone thought that now everything would be perfect but it was nothing like that.

As we stepped into June we got to know that Wajid Khan the famous singer of Sajid-Wajid Duo died because of some kidney problems whereas some sources are saying that he died due to COVID. But the exact reason for his death was some kidney issue as he already has a kidney transplant. Therefore, 4th June 2020 was the day when Wajid took his last breath. After Wajid come suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput, on June 14th early morning people got to know that Sushant Singh Rajput found hanged in his Mumbai house. Some of the people are saying that he was depressed whereas his family said in a statement that there was nothing like this. The case of Sushant Singh Rajput is yet not known, people have asked for CBI inquiry, so just wait and stay connected with the internet to more about the suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Hence, by reading the article it will be very much clear to you that the Bollywood industry has faced a loss of 5 people this year only.

#RIP Irrfan Khan #RIP Rishi Kapoor #RIP Wajid Khan #RIP Sushant Singh Rajput #RIP Saroj Khan. Stay connected to have more details.