May 8, 2021

Apple To Remove Thousands Of Unlicensed Games In China

Recently, from the reports, it has been found that the Apple Company is going to remove some of the games from the phones. The games that are going to be removed by the company are either unlicensed or working illegally. But there is no telling or information yet that how long will it take for the company to remove all the unlicensed games. The company has also not clarified that when are these going to come into effect, in simple words, they haven’t told whether the removal of unlicensed games has started or not. 

Apple Inc said that they are going to remove thousands of games that are lacking the government approval and further claimed that no harm will be done to the games that are running with the approval of the government. The removal of games from the Apple store is going to take place next month in the parts of China but don’t have any information that when the other countries are going to start up this removal. The company has further told that they are going to close the loophole that likes of Rock star games have relied from so many past years. Probing further, you will feel good to hear that the company has come out with a rule in which they said that iOS games will now need licenses to continue their operations. Ergo, this is one of the best things that Apple Company has come out with because running up the unlicensed games on phone sometimes brings malware as well as other issues to the device.

The games that cannot be played by people include Grand Theft Auto, whose gory depicts violence and are unlikely to ever pass muster with Chinese censors. Chinese regulators said that we require all games that are either paid or offered in-app purchases, so that they can submit a review and easily obtain a license before the publication. You will feel delighted to know that the Android app has already been enforced with these rules from the year 2016 only. Isn’t it good? But is very much unclear that why Apple is there with the unlicensed games still also. This was a decision that was taken into the process for approval in 2019 only. After the removal of these such games, the companies are suddenly going to lose their revenue from what it was “The second largest market for all this after the USA.”

For small game developers, there is a golden chance to stay in the market, they can easily pair up with the big publishers so that they can easily obtain the license. Ergo, if they will have licenses then no issues will revolve around. So, if you are reading this article and are a small game developer then you should go and pair up with a big publisher so that you can easily have the license otherwise, the game will be removed from the store of Apple.

Therefore, this is all and is a good thing that all the unlicensed games are not going to any more available on the Apple Store. If anyone of you is having any queries then let us know in the comments, we will try to clear them all.